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Spotlight Resorts is headquartered in a plush walk in office, centered in Huntington Beach, Surf City, California where millions come to the beautiful beaches year round! Spotlight Resorts specializes in a very aggressive marketing and advertising program. Spotlight Resorts is on television, radio and frequents special events making us #1 in the industry. The only company that gets you the exposure for success!

Spotlight Resorts is a membership company allowing members to sell, rent, buy or trade your timeshare. It’s easy to rent out timeshares even if you don’t own one yourself, making traveling to your favorite resort destination simple. We are finally making a difference in the industry and want everyone to have the best experience from start to finish.

Newport Beach
$27,500 (Negotiable) SALE
$2,100 (Negotiable) RENTAL
2 Bedrooms / 2 Baths | Jan.- May 
Cancun, Mexico
$10,500 (Negotiable) SALE
$1,000 (Negotiable) RENTAL
2 Bedrooms / 2 Baths | 45