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About Us

Spotlight Resorts is the new way to market your vacation ownership.

We use the most aggressive marketing and advertising available to us today. We’re the only company that is on television, radio and frequents special events. Making Spotlight Resorts number one in the industry!

We have a plush walk in office in the heart of Huntington Beach, Surf City, California, where millions come to vacation year round to our beautiful beaches, making it possible for you to get the exposure you need for the success you have waited for.

With Spotlight Resorts you can sell, rent, or trade your vacation ownership without the need of a broker and his fees. We provide references for title work and financing.

Our sales associates are available to help with your every need. Whether you plan to sell, rent or trade your vacation ownership, they will make it easy.

Spotlight Resorts will showcase your property in our spotlight forum. However, listings will continue until sold/rented and transaction is closed.

Sellers pay no commissions or closing costs. Each member makes their own final decisions and negotiations on the sale, rental, or trade of their vacation property.

With Spotlight Resorts it works! We aggressively pool together all resources to maximize your exposure through weekly and monthly showcases putting your vacation property in the spotlight.

Spotlight Resorts wants you to have another avenue in the industry to market your vacation property by adding more opportunities.

Non~owners can become members with us and rent any of the timeshares at highly discounted prices.

Appraisals are not required in the industry. The value is representative of each individual resort category whether you are with bedrooms or points. Values will vary.

You are only responsible to pay an Annual Membership Fee (non~refundable), and the Administrative Fee. The administrative fee is only refundable if you provide written notice within 7 days of your listing date. No refunds after the 7th day!

Spotlight Resorts is proud to be the only membership site whose only goal is to maximize your vacation property exposure to make it easy to sell, rent, or trade. Buyers that purchase a vacation ownership with us aren’t required to pay membership fees, but once they become owners they can become a member with Spotlight Resorts!

We look forward to working with you!