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Spotlight Newsletter

June, 2014

“From the Desk of Management”

Spotlight Resorts wants to keep you updated on new campaigns and notify you with all the upcoming event changes and/or current laws or resent fraudulent activity in the industry. We are so happy to have finally hit our peak season here in beautiful Southern California. We look forward to some great events that we will be attending. Our US Open in surfing is coming up in July and we’ll be participating again this year, there were over 800,000 people last year! Our press release went out the end of May and is helping to make a difference. We have a few new events coming up that we will share with you too. We plan to add more pictures of these events for your viewing as well.

We want to tell our members of some fraudulent activity that’s coming from the east coast. Consumers are being called by individuals and being told that their property has sold. They tell you to bank wire $2,000-$4,000 to their bank accounts. Please don’t do this as it’s a big scam! Please contact your representative if you get this call. We are working with Attorney Generals to stop this! We would like any information you may collect so we can do something about this.

We are excited to be at peak season and want you to know we are working very diligently on your behalf. So let’s get excited and we will keep you informed as we go along!

General Manager