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Terms and Conditions

Spotlight Resorts is a new way to market your vacation ownership through a more aggressive and specialized technique.  We market and advertise through television commercials, radio, and at special events. Members can also trade with other members to rent or trade outright ownership. Non-owners can become members and rent timeshares hassle free, making it easy to travel to your favorite resort destination. 

Spotlight Resorts is not a broker however, does refer its members to the proper title and closing companies.

Each member will receive member numbers making it easy to sell, rent, or trade their vacation ownership.

Our unique marketing program involves proprietary methods designed to maximize exposure through its spotlight forum. Whether for a week or a month you will remain in the spotlight!

Spotlight Resorts forwards all inquiries about your timeshare directly to you and allows you to negotiate the sale, rental, or trade. Seller pays no other commissions or closing costs.

Spotlight Resorts does not appraise your vacation property. It is up to the seller or renter to specify the price.

Spotlight Resorts exposes you to millions of potential buyers/renters, but does not have a specific buyer/renter at the present time. We will work on your vacation ownership until it is sold, rented, or traded and until the transaction is closed.

Membership fees are non-refundable; however your administrative fee can be refunded if we are given a written notice within 7 business days of your sign up date. This refund may take up to 30 days from cancelation. There are no refunds after the 7th business day.

Spotlight Resorts doesn’t do the selling of your vacation ownership but it is the title company that will transfer title for you, we are marketing professionals who help bring buyers and sellers together.

Spotlight Resorts abides by all the privacy acts and policies, and does not share or offer any personal information to any other companies or businesses for the protection of our client. We identify you by your member number only.