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Posted June, 2014

“From the Desk of Management”

New update to our members, we have found out that some companies on the east coast are calling timeshare owners and telling them they have a buyer now!

They want you to bank wire money to their banks in Florida. Please be advised that this is a scam. We would like you to ask for their company information and please contact us here at Spotlight Resorts and ask for your representative before you do anything. Recently we have found that 5 consumers have lost over $3,000 each!

General Manager

Posted July, 2013

Everyone here at spotlight resorts wants to make you aware of the ongoing fraud in the timeshare industry. A current article has been released in the orange county register concerning” fraud crackdown”. It states that Florida officials said they filed almost 200 civil and criminal cases for timeshare fraud over the past two years as scams in the business have increased. Florida this year sued nine timeshare companies based in that state alone for fraudulent activity.

Florida has passed the Timeshare Resale Accountability Act in 2012. It not only bars these timeshare resellers from taking advance fees from consumers but, states they must provide specific disclosures before providing services!

It’s been a bad experience for many consumers and worn of the fraud that still is out there. Any time you receive a phone call and you are told you have a buyer be very careful and call your representative to find out if it is fraud! Most of the time, it is. Don’t pay when you are asked to send thousands of dollars. Most of them provide no services, and usually disappear with your money! The latest scam is when these companies call and say they are from your resort and ask for you to pay for fees concerning the timeshare or else you will lose your week. Not true! They say you owe money when you do not!

You may visit the news article at the orange county register dated Monday, June 10, 2013. Written by: Susannah Nesmith
Spotlight Resorts wants to keep you updated and will post any new news in the industry for you when it becomes available.

Managing Director,
Spotlight Resorts