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Guaranteed Exposure to Success with the High Quality Vacation Property Showcasing Services Provided at Spotlight Resorts & Timeshares
Posted on January 7, 2015
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Huntington Beach, California – Jan 7, 2015 – If you are in the look out of a very intense advertising and marketing program then is the best place for you. Spotlight Resorts & Timeshares is a one of its kind company that delivers its clients completely exposure to the fruit of success. The company is on radio, television and some special events that have made it the number one company in the entire industry. It is basically an all new method of marketing any vacation ownership.

Spotlight Resorts has its headquarters in the Surf City of California visited by millions of people to have a sight of the wonderful beaches all throughout the year. It is a genuine membership company that offers its members the opportunity to rent, sell, purchase or trade their timeshare. With the efficient services of Spotlight Resorts, it is very easy to rent timeshares even if people do not own one. This makes traveling to one of the most-liked travel destinations very easy. The work procedure of the company is something that is helping it achieve success granting the best experience to clients from the start to the finish.

Spotlight Resorts & Timeshares offers great opportunity to enjoy a vacation at its beautiful beaches, thus making it easy for its members to get the required exposure for success which they might have waited for a very long time. Vacation ownerships can easily be sold, rented and traded at Spotlight Resorts without the need of a broker and without having to pay a penny at closing. The company also provides references for financing and title work. The expert sales executives of the company are available for every need of the members, making everything quite easy and simple.

What Spotlight Resorts does for the members and also for the common individuals is it showcases properties in its Spotlight forum. Here, the listings continue until rented or sold and transaction closed. There are no closing costs or commissions need to be paid by sellers and each member is free to take his or her final decision and negotiate on rental, trade or sale of his or her vacation property. There are monthly as well as weekly showcases arranged for Timeshare Rentals in California and Florida Timeshare Sales. All the resources are pooled together by the company to maximize the exposure of the members by placing the vacation property in the Spotlight. Some popular Timeshare Rentals in the U.S are showcased by Spotlight Resorts include Holiday Inn Club Vacations Oak n’ Spruce at $28000 sale, Club Donatello at $2800 rental and Sandcastle Village at $21000 sale.

Talking about California and Florida Timeshare Sales the most popular ones are Capistrano Surfside Inn at $1200 per week, Westgate Lakes in Florida at $1200 per week and The Bahamas at Freeport Resort at $1200 per week. The company also provides great opportunities for non~members to become members and rent timeshares at discounted prices. The only thing that is required to become a member of Spotlight Resorts is to pay an Annual Membership Fee which is non~refundable along with an Administrative Fee. You can get a refund on the administrative fee by providing a written notice within 7 business days of the listing date.


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June, 2014

For Immediate Release
Contact:  Andrea Laine 855-988-7768


In the past several years, hundreds of fraudulent timeshare resales have been perpetrated mostly in Florida and the East Coast.  And they are now moving West. Like most of these scams they seem to come in cycles and again we are hearing reports of telemarketers preying upon timeshare owners.

“They say they can sell your timeshare and do wonderful things, but according to Andrea Laine, she has “yet to find any company that does anything more than just listing on a website.”  Meanwhile, owners pay huge amounts of money for marketing that they never get, even promises that they have a buyer and they need to pay closing costs.  Andrea says, “You should never have to, buyer normally does, just like when you bought originally. Seems these companies that call have a buyer is ready to buy right now.”

It all sounds great, but like most scams, once they have your credit card number, they won’t call you back, because there’s no customer for your property.  They’re gone and so is your money.  This basic scam has been working for years, and seniors seem to be their best target.  “This is why we started Spotlight Resorts,” says Andrea.  Spotlight Resorts offers a new way to bring sellers and buyers together.  “People that want to rent out their timeshare, or rent instead of staying in a hotel. It’s a win-win for our members, clients and customers.”

So what’s the best advice for timeshare owners who may be approached by these scrupulous telemarketers?  As Andrea explains, “Well first, I do want to say that Florida passed the Timeshare Resale Accountability Act to protect owners from these scams.  Some of these companies are finding themselves being closed down or taken to jail.  This no doubt has deterred some, but they still keep popping up.”

Meanwhile, the best warning for Time Share owners says Andrea, “If these companies call and promise wonderful things that they do, and you need to pay marketing costs for them to do it, ask them to prove it to you.   If they can’t prove it, they most likely are not doing it.” If you have any doubts, feel free to call Spotlight Resorts and they’ll verify the companies’ legitimacy for you.” 

For more information on Spotlight Resorts, and their exclusive member services that include thousands of timeshare resale’s, and exchanges call Andrea Laine at 855-988-7768 or click on to their web site at  Spotlight Resorts is a membership company which means you are part of something and guarantees in writing to do TV, radio and events ensuring your success.